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Translated from Hungarian by John Batki
ISBN PAPERBACK 9780930523862
ISBN EBOOK 9781887378079


Péter Lengyel reclaims his city and re-establishes an ethic for the citizen in contemporary society.

“Important prose on a grand scale.“ PEN Review

Cobblestone centers on two crimes, one a brilliantly conceived and executed theft, the other an unexpected crime of passion. A polyglot gang of jewel thieves deprives the House of Hapsburg of a diamond meant to celebrate the Hungarian Millennium. A detective of the new, modern breed engages the robbers in a battle of wits across turn-of-the-century Europe until the story returns full circle to Buda and Pest. Cobblestone is a novel of the city, and especially of
Budapest - its smells and sounds, its nightlife and underworld, its burghers, shopkeepers and prostitutes. The novel's delight in specificity evokes Hungarian important history - the 1896 Millennium celebrations, the Stalinist 1950s, and today's growing moral, social and political uncertainties.

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