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Caterina Albert i Paradís (“Víctor Català”)

Literature and Tolerance
Karel Čapek, Václav Havel, Ivan Klíma et al.

My Merry Mornings
Ivan Klima

Peter Lengyel

Flight Of Ashes
Monika Maron

The Defector
Monika Maron

Silent Close No. 6
Monika Maron

Homage to the Eighth District
Giorgio and Nicola Pressburger

New Portuguese Letters
Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresas Horta, Maria Velho da Costa (“The Three Marias”)

Latin America & Caribbean

A Funny Dirty Little War
Osvaldo Soriano

Blues for a Lost Childhood
Antônio Torres

Cathedral Of The August Heat
Pierre Clitandre

Hard Rain
Ariel Dorfman

I Dreamt The Snow Was Burning
Antonio Skármeta

Mothers And Shadows
Marta Traba

The Ship Of Fools
Cristina Peri Rossi

Sergio Ramírez

To Bury Our Fathers
Sergio Ramírez

Africa & Middle East

Fools And Other Stories
Njabulo Ndebele

The Laughing Cry
Henri Lopes

Rue du Retour
Abdellatif Laâbi


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