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Hard Rain

“One of the most important voices of Latin America” Salman Rushdie

In 1973 Ariel Dorfman published his first novel, a bold look at Chile’s tense and chaotic days before the military coup. Now decades later - and now celebrated as one of Latin America’s finest writers - he returns in HARD RAIN to the concerns of his earlier work, turning the narrative form upside down, re-examining Chile’s past, and giving us a great artist’s vision full of hope for his country’s future.

“It was bound to happen one day: a writer, a victim, a revolutionary, capable of seeing God in the vertigo of experience. It was bound to happen - but not necessarily accompanied by Dorfman’s accessibility and greatness.” John Berger

“This is a rich, exciting and provactive book… Profoundly, critically, passionately revolutionary in its narrative.” Julio Cortázar

Cover image: When It Rains Everyone Gets Wet by Chilean artist Jaime Azócar