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Mothers And Shadows

Translated from Spanish by Jo Labanyi
ISBN PAPERBACK 9780930523169
ISBN EBOOK 9781887378093


“A remarkable contribution to our growing awareness – at last! – of contemporary writing by women in Latin America.” –THE VILLAGE VOICE

Born in Argentina in 1930, Marta Traba lived in Colombia, Uruguay, France and the USA. In 1966 she won the Casa de las Américas Prize for fiction. She published 23 books on modern art, especially Latin American art, six novels, plus short stories, poetry and essays. She died in a 1983 plane crash. This, her first work in English, is now a defining classic of Latin American women's literature.

Critical acclaim for Marta Traba’s powerful novel of women face to face with Latin America’s hell of the “disappeared”:

“Books like this take my breath away. They open out from the carefully observed details of microscopic settings to bring us vast and terrifying political worlds.” –WOMEN'S REVIEW OF BOOKS

“A record and an act of defiance.” — PHILDELPHIA INQUIRER

“As timely today as when it was first published.” — LOS ANGELES REVIEW

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