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The House of Twilight

YUN HEUNG-GIL is a great Korean storyteller who survived the Korean War as a child and has lived to portray his people with a sharp eye and Dickensian humor as South Koreans have struggled and succeeded in building their country’s economic miracle.

“Introduces a people dislocated physically, politically, and psychologically by civil war… A language and style wrenching in its plainness.”

“The young narrator of The Rainy Spell is confused by the fact that his paternal and maternal uncles are fighting on opposite sides in the Korean War. Yet, what is perhaps more remarkable is the extent to which he and his family are able to cope with conflict and the constant threat of betrayal.” CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

“Ordinary citizens are preoccupied by housing, debt, and the daily grind, always guarding against losers and non-conformists who might endanger their hard-won security. Yun records his characters dispassionately, with understanding of their predicament. His stories are not directly political, but there is a clear strand of compassion for the families, the workers, and the students who have had to endure so much in order to build the Korean economic miracle.” FAR EASTERN ECONOMIC REVIEW

Korean art from the original Korean edition.